Space, Computers and Learning

While teaching at Greenwich University from 1992 to 2000, I worked with George Hallam and Malcolm Ryan on how Computers could help Learning Economics. We also took part in forums dedicated to economics teaching and the application of electronics to it, such as CALECO and ALT-J, now probably lost in the mists of time. However, the work was innovative and fed into a broader wave of innovations in teaching and learning. I think this research also played a part in the evolution of the Creative Industry work that became a major part of my activity at the Greater London Authority. This paper, submitted to the ‘Digital Creativity 2000’ conference in Greenwich, still seems to be popular on Academia, so I’ve included it here. I also include a slide pack which, in a way, says it all.

See also Ryan, M., Wells, J., Freeman, A. and Hallam, G. (1996) “Resource-based learning strategies: implications for students and institutions” in  ALT-J: Journal of the Association for Learning Technology, March 1996. I haven’t placed that on this site because I can’t find it, but maybe you can.