MOSCOW: at the dawn of the age of war

In November 1999 I was invited to address a conference of the Institute of Politology ‘ISPRAN’ at Moscow State University. I presented the same report as to the Porto Alegre conference Here are my report to the Research Committee of the University of Greenwich, also of historical interest. There follows the a PDF of the English-language slides accompanying the presentation, with the same title as in Portpo Alegre – ‘Forward to the past – a return to classical imperialism’. The final slide which includes the same five ominous and, I think it is reasonable to claim, prophetic bullet points. I’ve also included the slide title.


Autonomous intervention without reference to the UN

  • The problem of China
  • New arms race
  • Star Wars in the Pacific
  • Treaty with Japan, possible inclusion of Taiwan
  • New military intervention in Latin America under the name of war against drugs
  • Widespread struggle by great powers to control territories and markets.

The same slides (and their bullet points) are available in Spanish in my presentation in Porto Alegre in October of the same year.