Reply to Dumenil and Levy 2

In 1997 Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy (hence GD-DL) kindly produced a response to my 1996 general formulation of the Temporal Single-System (TSS) interpretation of Marx’s value theory. Dumenil and Levy’s paper was subsequently published in 1999 by the Review of Radical Political Economy. I submitted a response which was rejected. I was invited to resubmit but the editorial board, as they noted, set the bar high. Because of this, and because some time had passed, I submitted this, my second response, as a new submission. Like the first submission, this too was rejected. Notably, no reviewer was chosen from a tradition other than the simultaneist and physicalist viewpoint of Dumenil-Levy critique; and the essence of the reasons given for rejection was not that the article was substandard from a scholarly point of view, but that the reviewers did not agree with what was said. In this, RRPE behaved, therefore, no different than the Royal Economic Society.

I leave it to my readers to decide whether there were any reasonable scholarly grounds for RRPE’s rejection of these two submissions. Suppression is an uncomfortable word and can be used abusively – however it is an analytically precise term. In this case, I think the evidence shows, it applies.

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